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Review K&F Concept

Holder System + Adapter Ring - KF16.006

ND Filter 100*150*2.0MM - KF1.1457


The design is modern, simply and sleek, the holder is both rigid and lightweight, attaching the holder to the adapter is very easy

Materials wise the K&F Concept holder system feels very nice

Is perfect for those looking for a compact filter solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

The Holder Kit for rectangular filters 100 mm wide and 2 mm thick and brings the various conversion rings for the various lens sizes:

49 mm

52 mm

58 mm

62 mm

67 mm

72 mm

77 mm

82 mm


Neutral density filters, are indispensable tool for achieving visual effects in landscape photography

With ND filters we can blur moving water, passing clouds can be turned fuzzy and long exposure times may even eliminate moving people from the scene.

In the K&F Concept ND reverse 4 f-stop filter box is

1 filter

1 case to protect the filter

1 manual

Like the holder this filter shows a very good construction, and the material used is very robust

The presentation of the boxes is very good and the concern to show that what comes inside is notorious

The Unboxing

It’s a great privilege to test K&F Concept products

I really want to test the material in the field

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