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K&F Nano-X Black Mist 1/4 Filter

As i expected the presentation of the product it's really good, the product box looks very good.

Filters they are used as extra protection to the lenses, preventing the part from being scratched or any other physical damage, i use on all my lenses, it's expensive material and i like to protect my lenses.

K&F Concept has been surprising me with the quality of the products that I have received

the presentation is very good, and this filter is no different, looks robust

comparing with other filters that I have used the K&F filter is thinner and the glass is quite good

Due to Covid restrictions in my country it is not possible for me to test the filter in the field

It is certainly a material to have in any photographer's bag.


Designed to fit 77mm threaded lenses

Protects the front element of lenses from dirt and damage

Unboxing Video:

In the Box:

Filter Box Protection

77 mm Protection Filter

Links for Product:

1. Official website link and promo code

10% promo code: PT10OFF

Promo code validity period: until 2021/6/30

2. Amazon link and promo code

30% promo code: SAVE30ES

Promo code validity period: until 2021/3/14

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